ABT Home International Report


The South West of England, Somerset Shooting Ground “Brook Bank” held the 42nd ICTSC ABT Home International.

Within the England team there were a number of new caps including: Graham Andrews, Taylor Richards and Jack Culliford. Also new caps to the ABT discipline included Matthew Panter, Marvin Houghton, Christian Clark, Marcus Iddon, Abbey Ling, Philip Sanders and Robert Agar. 

Congratulations must go to Mark Shaw who won Overall high gun with 193/200, he also took Overall Senior High Gun, High Gun of England and Senior High Gun of England, I hope he’s got plenty of Silvo in the cupboard. England Seniors were the winning team beating Scotland by 59 points. Winning Ladies team was England beating Scotland by 24 points and the winning Vets team was also England beating Scotland by two points.  Super Vets lost out to Scotland by two points and Juniors lost to Ireland by 33 points 

Captain Jack Wilkinson took the Captains Cup; Overall and England Ladies High Gun was Katie Cox with an amazing 50 straight to start, Theo Ling took Junior High Gun of England, Fred Thornley took Super Vet High Gun of England and Phil Sanders took Veteran High Gun of England.

More success followed in the form of Graham Andrew, who took the New Cap High Gun and the England Manager, Karen Caves, received the Winning Team Manager. 

Karen said: “As the Team Manager I am so proud of all the England team, Seniors, Ladies, Vets, Super Vets and Juniors. They all played their part in achieving almost a full house; nevertheless, all the nations shared humour, company and professionalism.”                                  

She added: “I would like to thank Alison and Wesley Hann for their hospitality at their ground along with their staff and thanks to the Wookey Hole Hotel who hosted the International Banquet organised by the CPSA.”