World DTL Championship


With an entry over 400 competitors the 2016 World Championships got underway on Thursday 21 July 2016. The event was shot over 250 targets and the team event counted the first 200 targets. Those competitors who made the top 10% at the end of the 250 targets then shot a further 50 targets to decide the results. 

Teams counted 4 scores from 5 for seniors and 2 scores from 3 for Ladies, Juniors, Veterans and Super Veterans.

Shooting got underway promptly on all three days and squad rotations worked well. Team scores were calculated on the Friday evening and it was announced that the England Ladies team had taken Team silver, England Veterans also took silver, missing out by 1 point for gold and the English Super Vets now had another Team Gold to add to the collection.

50 targets remained for each competitor on the Saturday morning and then it was down to some tricky calculations to sort out the top 10% for the final 50 targets.

What seemed like a marathon of shoot offs were handled well by the staff and results were calculated. Matt Schiller – Australia posted a score of 897/900 to be crowned the 2016 World DTL Champion. Matt is no stranger to the podium – he was crowned Junior World DTL Champion back in 2012. Phil Morg

an was runner up and Peter Denis from France was 3rd overall and also Junior World Champion.

Congratulations also goes Robert Hall, 2nd in AA and Ian Mullarkey – 3rd AA.

Emma Holden added an Individual Bronze in the Ladies to her collection. Mike Hartley took silver in the Vets category and Gerald Sweet Bronze.

Super Vet Rob Haines took the Gold in his category and Tony Dore collected silver to add to his medal haul from the week.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers go to the family of Bill Logan Jnr at such a sad time. We are sure that for all those who have been fortunate to have met Bill over the years they will keep the memory of him alive in their hearts.

For a full list of results, click here