2016 DTL England Teams Announced


We are delighted to announce the Down the Line England Teams for the three competitions in this summer.

The first competition is the Home International, which takes place on July 15 at Banbridge Shooting Ground in Northern Ireland. This is followed up by both the European DTL (July 18-19) and the World DTL (July 20-23) which will be held at Esker Shooting Ground in Ireland.

The Home International England Team sees a squad of 20 Seniors, five Ladies, five Juniors, five Veterans and five Super-Veterans travelling, with ten new caps included.

Teams of 17 (five Seniors, three Ladies, three Juniors, three Veterans and three Super-Veterans) travel to the World DTL and Euro DTL.

Click here to view the team for the Home International.

Click here to view the team for the European DTL.

Click here to view the team for the World DTL.

Congratulations to all who have been selected to represent England.

To find out all you need to know about the England Team, please click here.