General & Technical Rules Addendum (Amended)



CPSA General and Technical Rules Addendum

In relation to the General & Technical Rules Addendum announced in March, specifically in connection with prohibiting the use of semi-automatic shotguns in our home disciplines of DTL & ABT, the CPSA Board of Directors has reviewed the prohibition.

This decision followed the ISSF ban of semi-automatics in OT & OSK on the basis of potential safety concerns. We have now determined to what degree those concerns are relevant to the CPSA, and which mitigations need to be put in place in order for semi-automatic shotguns to be used once again in the disciplines of DTL & ABT.

Please view the amended Addendum on our website through the link below:


We thank those members who have engaged in a constructive manner regarding this matter, whilst understanding safety must always be paramount in the decision-making process.

Any questions or comments please email via and one of the team from CPSA HQ will be in touch.