CPSA General and Technical Rules Addendum


CPSA General and Technical Rules Addendum 27/03/2024


The ISSF have brought in the below rules in Olympic Trap and Olympic Skeet for safety reasons. Please note that all Olympic Trap and Olympic Skeet registered shoots should follow the updated rules.


c) All shotguns must be kept unloaded except on the shooting station and only then after the command or signal “START” has been given.

d) Cartridges must not be loaded in the shotgun until the athlete is standing on the shooting station, facing the machines with the shotgun pointed towards the target flight area and after the Referee has given permission. Types of Shotguns

a) All types of smoothbore shotguns, but excluding semi-automatics and pump action shotguns, may be used, provided their calibre does not exceed 396 EDITION 2022 (First Print 01/2023) Effective 1 January 2022 © ISSF 12 gauge. Shotguns smaller than 12 gauge may be used. Release Triggers

Shotguns with any type of “release” trigger mechanisms are prohibited.


After reviewing the above, the board have looked at the home trap disciplines and, following the ISSF precedent, have updated the DTL and ABT rules to the following:


Semi-automatic guns are now prohibited for safety reasons in DTL and ABT registered shoots.

2.28 All types of guns, including “Semi-automatics”, “Pump-action”, 12bore and smaller may be used for shooting, apart from in DTL and ABT shoots where semi-automatic use is prohibited. No handicap will be given to competitors using guns of a calibre smaller than 12bore.


In ABT the gun must now be unloaded between stations.

27.26 All guns must be carried OPEN AND COMPLETELY UNLOADED when moving between stations 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the firing line.

27.30 The competitor is not allowed to turn from the shooting station before their gun is OPENED AND COMPLETELY UNLOADED. When a broken target is thrown or the shooting is interrupted, the gun must be opened. No gun shall be closed until the order to continue has been given.