The Women's Shooting Network Relaunch



The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club steps into promising new chapter as The Women’s Shooting Network, with aims of revolutionising visibility for women’s shooting.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Women’s Shooting Network, a newly rebranded membership community dedicated to bringing women’s shooting to the forefront of the industry agenda. The WSN (formerly known as The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club) is fostering an inclusive and accessible approach, providing a supportive and empowering environment for women of all ages and abilities to enjoy the shooting sports.

The rebrand comes at a pivotal time for shooting and the sports industry more generally, when there is a growing recognition of the need for greater diversity and inclusivity. The Women’s Shooting Network aims to lead the way in this movement by increasing levels of female participation and the visibility of women’s shooting within a wider sporting context.

“We are excited to unveil our new identity and mission as we strive to make constructive changes within and for the shooting industry,” explains Georgina Roberts, Director of The Women’s Shooting Network. “We have a strong vision for the future and how we can play a crucial role in educating the nation and creating a positive narrative about the shooting sports.”

As part of the launch, The Women’s Shooting Network has organised a series of events, workshops and online sessions which are open to members and non-members, these events are designed to encourage, educate and empower women, as well as drive increased participation.

We will be actively engaging with industry stakeholders to ensure that women’s voices are not only heard, but also represented. Establishing great working relationships with these stakeholders is of the utmost importance to us, enabling us to co-create opportunities for women within the sport, but also to ensure that we are able to educate and inform appropriately through our channels.

The Women’s Shooting Network invites all women and those who identify as women to join our community and be a part of our exciting next chapter. Together, we can inspire change, break through the barriers of stereotypes and pave the way for more women to get involved in the shooting sports.

For more information about The Women’s Shooting Network and how to get involved, please visit or follow us on Instagram at @womensshootingnetwork.



Georgina Roberts (Director)

The Women’s Shooting Network