Colts Development Initiative Annoucement


The CPSA, thanks to a generous donation bequeathed by John Dalby, and through support from sponsors, grounds, and coaches, are delighted to announce a new initiative for selected Colts running this year, 2021. This was due to run last year but was postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The objective of this initiative is to support and guide these Colts as they develop and progress through the rankings, competing at county and regional level and possibly through to an England cap.

Following an application and interview process taking place in February 2020, the CPSA are delighted to announce the participants of the initiative this year are:

Alf Bartle – North Yorkshire, Charlie Bird – Cambridge, Barney Eastman – Hampshire, Darcy McBride – Hertfordshire, Jasper Pearce – Suffolk, 

Jasper Pearce stated, “I feel privileged to have been selected as part of the Colt’s Initiative for 2021 and can’t wait to see what the year ahead brings with the added support of the sponsors involved”. 

The CPSA are grateful to the following sponsors for help making this programme possible: Rizzini, Musto, Solware, EJ Churchill West Wycombe and EJ Churchill Swinton Estate, Owls Lodge and High Lodge Leisure.

The overall aim is to measure the success of the initiative this year, and to grow the programme year on year. We hope to gain additional support from grounds, coaches, and sponsors to be able to offer this to more Colt members and branch out to the other disciplines.

"I am so happy to be given the opportunity to take part in the Colts Initiative scheme 2021, and I am really looking forward to working with the CPSA and the sponsors to help me progress with the sport" - Charlie Bird

Darcy McBride said, “It still hasn’t sunk in that I have been accepted, but I’m happy beyond words. This is a dream come true and I can’t wait to progress my shooting with the support of the Colt’s Initiative. 2020 has been a very difficult year and it was a welcome relief to us all when, thanks to the hard work of the CPSA – we were allowed back out to compete (albeit for a few short months). I was lucky enough to have a few training sessions with Philip Thorrold before lockdown, but I've found my gun no longer fits, something I'll be addressing as soon as I can. I am very much looking forward to 2021 and to see if I can push myself even further within the sport, including other disciplines".

"Since coming out of the pre-Christmas lockdown, I’ve been shooting some of the best scores I’ve ever put in, winning a couple of CPSA registered shoots. I shot my new personal best at Old Glossop Shooting Ground with a 93ex100. I've started training and improving more with Mark Winser. I’m really excited for the sponsorship so I can improve more and get into the 90’s more regularly for 2021" - Alf Bartle

Congratulations to all the participants and we look forward to following their progress on our website news section and social media over the coming month.

If you'd like to know more about the programme, please click here.