National Inter-Counties Team Submissions


This weekend marks the beginning of the CPSA National Inter-Counties Championships for the year with the National Inter-Counties All-Round at Northampton Shooting Ground. Don't forget to book direct with the ground and submit your teams to your County Committees.

CPSA competition members can enter as individuals and can put together their own team or teams if they wish. To submit a team you just need to contact and ask your County Committees to submit your team on your behalf to the ground for the event. There is no limit to the number of teams per county that can enter.

If you would like to be part of a County Team please contact your County Committee to let them know. Teams can only be accepted if submitted via the County Committee. The team submission form, to be used by County Secretaries or Chairmen, can be found here:

Details for this year's National Inter-Counties Championships are:

20 September: All Round at Northampton Shooting Ground

27 September: DTL at North of England Clay Target and Activity Centre

3-4 October: English Sporting at Westfield Shooting Ground

11 October: ABT at East Yorkshire Clay Shooting Ground

18 October: English Skeet at Northampton Shooting Ground