Resumption of Registered Shoots - update 03/06/2020


Resumption of CPSA Registered Shoots - updated 3rd June 2020

 Due to CV19 restrictions we are having to implement temporary measures to comply with Government Guidance in order to allow the resumption of CPSA Registered shoots.

 Therefore, following the Government’s latest easing of restrictions allowing 6 people from different households to meet whilst maintaining social distancing from Monday 1st June, we are now able to confirm that all Registered Grounds are able to resume Registered Competitions on the following basis:

 DTL, Sportrap & Compak

 ​​​​​​​DTL, Sportrap & Compak can now run with squads of 5 shooters plus the Referee and return to running CPSA Registered competitions if they wish. Suitable measures need to be in place for shooters to rotate from station 5 round to station 1 at least 2 metres behind the line and away from the Referees position.


 With ABT, OT & UT we are recommending that squads be limited to 5 shooters plus the Referee rather than the usual 6 shooters. There will be 2 options available depending upon the size of your layouts:

 Option 1 – Small or tightly enclosed layouts:

 It is very important that with these layouts shooters are to remain on their station, as per DTL, rather than moving towards the next station after each shot to maintain the social distancing required.  Shooters to only move on the instruction of ‘Line Change’ or ‘Line Move’ from the Referee after the person on the 5th station has shot their target and not before. One target will be shot by each shooter per rotation.

 Option 2 – Larger layouts with plenty of room behind the shooters:

 The layout will have a line or tape, marked at 2 metres behind the shooting stations. The 5 shooters move stations as normal but move diagonally back to the 2 metre line or tape whilst waiting to go onto the next station. When the shooter on station 5 moves to station one, they have to move safely behind the 2 metre line or tape.

 For the time being self-refereeing in these disciplines where half of the previous squad stay back to referee the next squad is not permissible. Ground Referees should be used and only one on each layout.

 ​​​​​​​In both options the position of the Referee must be decided by the Ground to give maximum safety to all. If the back of the layout has limited space then it is preferable to install a clear Perspex screen protection the Referee station.

Squads need to be able to shoot straight through with minimal intervals between each round of 25 targets.

 ​​​​​​​ESK & OSK

 ​​​​​​​English & Olympic Skeet can also resume CPSA Registered competitions with squads of up to 5 shooters plus the Referee as long as there is only one squad on the layout and each shooter is able to maintain the 2 metre separation. When viewing the targets at the start of the round, only the first shooter in the squad can see the targets, as per ESP, with the remaining shooters in the squad maintaining their social distancing. Waiting squads should be outside of the layout at a designated waiting area and observing social distancing rules.


 ​​​​​​​For Sporting we can restart CPSA Registered competitions but with a revised format due to the CV19 Government restrictions and risks due to the potential number of shooters on a course. 

 ​​​​​​​If grounds wish to hold CPSA Registered ESP & FSP shoots they must be pre-booked, squadded in 5 man squads with a Caddy/Referee or a Referee at each stand. Score cards will only be handled by the Caddy/Referee or the stand Referee will keep score on a master score card. All squads will start on stand 1 and shoot the course in order. Social distancing of 2 metres, hygiene and biosecurity measures must be followed at all times. 

 ​​​​​​​CPSA Registered Shoots CV19 format key points

  1.  Squads can now be up to 5 plus a Caddy/Referee or Referee on each stand.
  2. All squads must be booked on in advance and suggest you ask for confirmation that no-one has any symptoms of CV19 themselves or in their household. 
  3. Safety briefing before the round commences regarding acceptable social distancing, scoring procedure and biosecurity measures during the round
  4. No score cards will be touched by shooters at any time. Either scored via a squad/shooter card with the squad Caddy/Referee or a master score card by the stand Referee
  5. After shooting the stand, squad members must verbally confirm their score with the Referee when leaving the stand. Referee’s decision and score marked is final.
  6. All squads start on stand 1 and shoot the course in order. 
  7. For those Grounds with multiple fixed layouts such as DTL, ESK & Sportrap, it is acceptable to have a squad on each layout at each allotted squad time.
  8. We would advise no pool shoots to be held at this time to avoid crowds gathering  
  9. Shoot and go policy to avoid crowds and social distancing issues.

With all Registered disciplines in respect of Prize money, we would recommend that ‘Cash’ be avoided to stop shooters hanging around on completion of their round and that shooters are notified that they will be sent their Prize money by BACS transfer or cheque.

 For the avoidance of doubt, all Clubs and Grounds may allow groups of up to 6 shooters for Practice only where there is no Referee or Trapper required.

 Please check and update your copy of Shoot 08 to use the issue 59 classifications, which came into effect from today (01/06/2020), before running registered shoots.

 ​​​​​​​In order for CPSA Registered shoots across the disciplines to recommence it is essential that grounds and clubs comply with all Government and CPSA guidance. Please see the following links for the latest Gov CV19 guidance and CPSA CV19 guidance and downloads.

 Government Guidance on the phased return of Sport etc

 CPSA link to our updated CV19 documents which includes a Risk Assessment checklist.