CPSA Advice for Instructors & Coaches


Given the easing of lockdown restrictions with shooting grounds starting to re-open, we are being asked if shooting lessons can also re-start. The CPSA Education and Training Steering Group have discussed this and it is our opinion that lessons with novices and beginners should not be conducted at this stage due to the close proximity required for gun fit, diagnostics, and safety stance, which would not comply with the current Government guidelines for social distancing etc. 

Lessons with more experienced shooters may be considered where two metre social distancing may be applied and suitable PPE worn by both Coach and Shooter. It is our opinion that this may be achievable for experienced coaches who can determine the methods being shot and the 3 R’s from a safe two metre distance behind the shooter.

We would advise that only lessons with shooters who have their own guns, cartridges, and shooting PPE be accepted. If the shooter is not known, their level of experience for gun handling should be determined either over the phone or online ahead of the lesson or at the outset of the lesson with some basic gun handling tests i.e. in/out of the slip, in/out of the rack etc. Consider using FaceTime, Skype, or other web based technology to discuss the client’s objectives for the lesson and therefore their levels of experience to avoid issues when you meet face to face. 

​​​​​​Shooting grounds are slowly re-opening and many will not be allowing lessons yet, so please check in advance before arranging private lessons and strictly adhere to the ground’s social distancing policy at all times. We advise you prepare your own risk assessment or follow that of the shooting ground, and you reserve the right to halt the lesson if you feel the shooter does not have the necessary experience to continue in a safe manner from two metres away.

Stay Safe, Shoot Safe