Brexit/EFP update


Following the UK’s departure from the EU tonight, we just wanted to reassure members that we will be monitoring and working with the Government during the transition period and will bring to your attention any significant changes particularly in relation to travelling abroad with guns.

European Firearms Permits (EFP) will still be issued during the transition period but please note some Customs in the EU might not accept UK EFP’s. Therefore, it is advisable to check the Firearms Licencing requirements of the EU Country ahead of your travel arrangements.

It is important to obtain an invitation to the event you are travelling to either from the Competition or Federation or if travelling for gun work then the Manufacturer.

We would also advise taking proof of your insurance with your CPSA Membership card and certificate of insurance which you can download from the Members area of the website when you login. 

 For further advice on EFP’s please use the following link:  EFP Advice Link