Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships


In preparation for the Commonwealth Games in April, nine English shooters will be taking part in the CSF (Commonwealth Shooting Federation) Championships at the Belmont Shooting Centre in Australia, start on Monday (30 October). The CSF Championships take place at the same venue which will be used for the Commonwealth Games next year.


The English shooters competing at the CSF Championships are as follows:

Olympic Skeet – women: Amber Hill, Emily Hibbs; men: Freddie Killander and Jack Fairclough
Double Trap - women: Rachel Parish; men: Matt French, Steve Scott
Olympic Trap - women: Ellie Seward; men: Aaron Heading

The team competing in the CSF Championships is officially an English Target Shooting Federation team, of which the CPSA is a member body. 


As part of the programme, the Olympic Skeet starts tomorrow, including the women’s finals also tomorrow and men’s second day and finals on Wednesday. Double Trap is held on Friday including men’s finals (no women’s final); and Olympic Trap starts on Sunday including women’s final with men’s second day and finals next Monday.

The full schedule for the shooting events can be found here