How To Hit Episode 6 'The Battue Target'


Last month we focused on the overhead target, having firmly established using the CPSA Method when we shoot, we can now apply this to just about any target that might pop up on a Sporting shoot.

For the final episode of our series, we take a look at a target that fills many shooters with dread: the battue. 

The target is shaped differently to a standard clay; it is virtually a flat disc with just a small hump in the centre, with the same diameter as a standard clay but only one third the height. This makes it very aerodynamic, so it travels faster and holds its speed for longer. The shape makes it fly quite differently, too. Typically, a battue target will be launched flat. However, where a standard clay will fly flat like a frisbee, the battue soon turns sideways and then drives rapidly towards the ground.

If you have followed this series, you will be familiar with the CPSA Method. Like any other target we will approach the battue the same way. Watch below to learn how to hit the battue target and check out pages 22 and 23 in September's Pull! magazine to read more.