British Shooting Skills Coach


British Shooting are looking for shooting skills coaches to help deliver the British Shooting Talent Pathway programmes.

The purpose of the Talent Pathway is to provide shooters with opportunities to engage in learning environments which enable them to develop into great people and performers.

Using coaches who have a passion for developing people to be their best is central to our vision of creating the right conditions for athlete learning.

To help increase access to a supportive learning development environment we aim to enlarge the Talent Hub network. To help achieve this we are looking for coaches who share our ambition of creating a supportive learning environment in which shooting athletes can learn, develop and thrive.  

We are looking for casual coaches to join our already fantastic network of British Shooting skills coaches who work passionately to develop the next generation of talent.

With good opportunities for personal development this is an excellent time to enter what aims to be a world-leading talent development system.

If you are interested in finding out more about this coaching pathway, please contact the Talent Pathway Co-ordinator, Christian Schofield –

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