Changes to Shotgun Certificate Applications - Medical Evidence


From 1 April 2016 there will be a new procedure introduced as part of the shotgun and firearms certificate application and renewal process.

The change will involve applicants' GPs being notified by the police of any application for a new certificate or a renewal. The notification will request information on specific health issues that an applicant may suffer from and will also require the medical record to be marked to highlight the fact that the patient is a certificate holder, for future reference.

Applicants will still be required to declare any medical conditions on their application form and new guidance will be published to help GPs and the police to operate the new system effectively.

The CPSA has been involved in protracted negotiations over this matter, when initial proposals sought to require every application to be signed by a GP at extra cost to the applicant. Fortunately, the new procedure has moved a long way from that and further details explaining how the system will work can be found by following this link.