DTL Selection Changes for 2016 - Amended


The CPSA Board of Directors have agreed to The DTL Sub Committee’s request for England Team applicants to be squadded together at the DTL weekend (Dougall & EO).

England team applicants will be squadded at either 9.30/9.45 or 11.45/12.00 on rotation, using banks 1 and 3.  If shooting the earlier rotation on the Saturday, you will shoot the later rotation on the Sunday and vice-versa.  If shooting bank 1 on the Saturday, you will shoot bank 3 on Sunday and vice-versa. 

Squads will remain the same as the 1st selection shoot.

Also keeping in line with the 1st selection shoot, all shooters will move 2 pegs on the 2nd day (English Open).

An online payment link will be sent to all team hopefuls attending the first selection shoot at North of England. Members who have already entered the DTL weekend will be moved into the squads at no further cost.

Payment will be required by Friday 13th May and thereafter squad details for the Dougall and EO will be sent out.