2023 Home International Olympic Trap Results


Congratulations to England on winning the overall trophy and to all winners below:


Class & Category


Overall Winning Country Top 13 Scores (17) ENGLAND 2394 ex 2600
Gunmark Challenge Trophy and Badges Winning Senior/ Open Team ENGLAND 940 ex 100
ICTSC Badge Runner-up Senior/Open Team WALES 900 ex 1000
Plate Winning Ladies Team ENGLAND 355 ex 400
ICTSC Badge Runner Up Ladies team WALES 330 ex 400
Plate Winning Juniors Team ENGLAND 374 ex 400
ICTSC Badge Runner Up - Junior Team WALES 353 ex 400
Plate Winning Veterans Team ENGLAND 363 ex 400
ICTSC Badge Runner-Up Veterans Team WALES 344 ex 400
Plate Winning Super Veterans Team WALES 348 ex 400
ICTSC Badge Runner Up - Super Vets Team ENGLAND 346 ex 400
The Henning Cup and Badge Winning J, L, Vet, S-Vet Team ENGLAND 738 ex 800
ICTSC Badge Runner Up J, L, Vet, S-Vet Team WALES 702 ex 800
The SCTA Trophy, Silver Medal and Badge High Gun of Match STEVE SCOTT 192 + 24
ICTSC Badge Runner Up of Match THOMAS BETTS 192 + 23
ICTSC Badge Senior High Gun STEVE SCOTT 192
ICTSC Badge Senior Runner Up ANDREW GREENWOOD 190 (Countback)
The WCTSA Trophy and Badge Ladies High Gun of Match LEAH SOUTHALL 178
ICTSC Badge Ladies RU of Match ELLIE SEWARD 177
The Robert Carter Snr Trophy and Badge Junior High Gun of Match THOMAS BETTS 192
ICTSC Badge Junior RU of Match WILLIAM GILBERT  182
The UCPSA Trophy and Badge Veteran High Gun of Match MICHAEL WENSLEY 186
ICTSC Badge Veteran RU of Match MIKE FAUX 177
ICTSC Badge Super-Veteran High Gun of Match TIM SMITH 176
ICTSC Badge Super-Veteran RU of Match PHILLIP DANDO 174 + 23
Trophy and Medal and Badge England High Gun STEVE SCOTT 192 + 24
Trophy and Medal and Badge Scotland High Gun BRYAN HUTCHINSON 177
Presidents Cup and Medal and Badge Wales High Gun MARC POTTS 185
Trophy and Medal and Badge Northern Ireland High Gun SCOTT MAGILL 178
ICTSC Badge Northern Ireland Runner Up HG CLIFFORD BARR  165
Captain's Cup Team Captain High Gun DAVID KIRK 183 + 23
ICTSC Badge New Cap High Gun WILLIAM GILBERT  182
ICTSC Badge Winning Team Manager ANITA NORTH