Changes to England Team DTL Selection Process


As promised, we have been reviewing the selection process for a couple of our disciplines and will implement, with immediate effect the following changes to the DTL Selection process

This year the DTL selection shoots are:

21st & 22nd March – East Yorkshire Shooting Ground

25th & 26th April – Brook Bank

16th & 17th May – Northampton

If you would like to be considered for the Selection Shoots, please can you submit an ‘expression of interest’ by going to the following link:

Within this link, you will also be asked whether, if successful you would be happy to shoot for England at the DTL Worlds in July at Bywell and the Home International in Ireland, also in July.

The deadline for expressing your interest is Midnight on Saturday 29 February 2020

On 2nd March, a score report will be generated and will list the best 5 scores (ex 100) from 3 different grounds for the period 1st July 2019 - 20th February 2020.   If you have shot a 200 target event then these scores will be considered but ONLY if the ground is willing to submit the scores for each day.  It is down to the member and the team manager to ensure the grounds do this.

At the last selection and once all scores have been recorded and verified by CPSA HQ, a Director and the team manager, the team will be selected.  In the event of a tie for a team place, there will be a shoot off if all members are present.  If your score is tied and you are not present at the final selection shoot, then you will automatically forfeit your right to a place in the team.

The team selection criteria for each category is as follows:

Veterans, Super Veterans, Juniors and Ladies – the top 5 scorers from each of these categories will be put forward in the first instance.  They will then be considered for other categories based on scores received.  Please see the example below:

Once this process has taken place, all the scores will be reviewed to ensure we have the right shooters in the right categories to ultimately produce the strongest team.  It is at this point where movements between categories may occur.

If once the team is selected and there are New Caps present, they will be presented with their New Cap Badges.