England Team Selection Procedure - Social Media Statement


Selection Procedure – England Home International Teams.
A small number of members have recently posted incorrect and wholly misleading information on social media reference the above. To clarify the actual situation:-
No other Home International NGB – Scotland, Ulster, Wales or ROI - has requested the CPSA to weaken in any way the England Home International Team in any discipline; nor would we ever entertain doing so. The new procedure has been introduced to ensure the strongest possible England team across all the categories - Ladies, Juniors, Seniors, Veterans, Super Veterans.
In respect of the selection procedure for England, and for the avoidance of any doubt, potential team members ranking points (total number of points away from High Gun across all the qualifying scores, given the lower the points total the better) will be paramount and, whilst points totals may vary from one category to another, we will not allow a situation where, for example, Shooter A on 12 points is in a category team thus displacing from that team Shooter B who achieved 10 points unless Shooter B has been deployed to strengthen another category team for which he/she is also eligible.
At the ICTSC (Home International Council of member NGBs) meeting held Wednesday 14th November the Council decided to purchase a trophy for each of the other six disciplines (DTL already purchased) to be presented to the Overall Winning Country at each of the Home International events from next year onwards. The objective is to emphasise the fact that the overall winning Country Trophy is the premier one rather than any individual category as has been, and remains, the view of a limited number of members.

29th November 2018