Guidance from The Met about Shotgun Certificate Renewal During Coronavirus Lockdown


We have had the below guidance from the Metropolitan Police Service ('The Met' or 'MPS') Firearms Enquiry Team regarding Shotgun Certificate renewal during this period, which they have asked us to share. 

We appreciate that every police authority may take a different approach, but the guidance and advice below is worth contemplation by all who are due to renew their certificate at this time.

Key points from The Metropolitan Police Service: 

•       We remain committed to providing our service and Firearms Licensing remains a priority for the MPS.
•       That we are suffering disruption to our normal service due to these extraordinary circumstances.
•       Only contact us when absolutely necessary and please utilise the internet based options to do so (Email - or general enquiry form found at )
•       Existing certificate holders should apply early (12 - 16 weeks) for at least the next six months in order to secure the statutory extension and give us the best possible opportunity to renew within time.
•       If anyone finds themselves requiring renewal at timescales shorter than that described above they should make their renewal application electronically and follow this with an electronic contact to our office. We have a process in place to offer assistance in these circumstances but this is the most efficient way to access our services.
•       We will be sympathetic to issues that shooters may experience in having opportunity to access ranges and shoots during these difficult times. This will be taken into consideration when we are considering evidence of continuing “good reason”
•       We are well aware of the pressure felt across the NHS and will work together with our shooters and health partners to ensure a pragmatic approach is taken to addressing any medical issues raised.

In addition to the above, The Met have also stated that they have secured cooperation with a number of Registered Firearms Dealers across London to provide emergency storage in the event that a licence cannot be renewed in time. Please contact The Met using the contact details above for more information if you think you will need this service.