English Open Sporting Day 4


It has been a lovely day here at High Lodge for Saturday, Day 4, the penultimate day of the English Open English Sporting.

All our fantastic referees had dried off after yesterday and were back on their stands ready for today’s 230+ shooters to take to the course. They really are amazing and we are grateful to them for all their hard work. Also a big shout out for all the ground staff out working in all conditions this week to keep the shoot running smoothly!

Referee John Murray said “Everyone around the course is shooting well and being very polite. Going to be a good day for all”. Bob Fisher and Tony Axcell added “It’s a fantastic shoot, High Lodge have worked really hard, the targets are great and its great to be involved”.

At 1pm scores started to come in with Andy Moon in AAA Class & Veterans scoring 107ex120 and Stephen Williams and Ross Holmes, both in AA Class registering good scores of 109ex120 & 104ex120. Later in the day, Dave Gooding in AAA put in a 109ex120 but Rob Claybrook also in AAA posted a 110ex 120 to register the top score of the day.

Please note as we approach the end of the championships, the 6 person Superfinal and any ties for class and category will be at approx. 4pm on Sunday afternoon, therefore, we ask that all competitors involved in any shoot-offs be back at High Lodge by 3pm. We will not be telephoning shooters to tell them to come back so please keep watching the live scores on our website to check your positionsEnglish Sporting at High Lodge Leisure Ltd - 18/05/2022 09:00 - 22/05/2022 17:00 - CPSA

As Headline Sponsors of the CPSA this year, as well as of the English Open Championship, Swatcom owner Keith Foote said, “I’m really proud to be involved with this great organisation and event”. Swatcom is supplying their new Active8 headsets as a prize for each category High Gun; Keith continued, “It’s great to have the opportunity to showcase our range to all the shooters of the event”. 

CPSA Chief Executive Iain Parker commented, “It’s great to be here at High Lodge in Suffolk for the English Open, we’ve had a really interesting competition so far. While a challenging a course, everyone we've spoken to has enjoyed the championship. Thanks to all our sponsors, High Lodge ground staff and Referees over our first sporting Championship of the 2022 season".

We are grateful for the generous support of sponsors Rizzini (distributed in the UK by ASI), Eley Cartridges, Swatcom and Musto who have provided guns, cartridges, hearing protection and clothing vouchers respectively as prizes for winners along with addition to the prize fund. We are also grateful for Teague Precision Chokes for their support with our daily raffle.

To view the overall scores so far, please click here . For a breakdown of Class and Category, click here. For Teams, click here.