British Open Sporting & Sportrap 2021 (Day2)


Day 2 of the CPSA British Open English Sporting and Sportrap started dry and clear with little wind so ideal conditions to start the day off and things only got better with warm sunshine for most of the day with shooters shedding layers and enjoying the lovely weather!

The Teague Raffle started the day, with a live random number generator deciding who won the prizes on offer. Congratulations to: Stuart Emms 1st Prize - a set of Teague Chokes, and Victor Hatton 2nd Prize - a Gamebore goody bag and Jack Lovick 3rd Prize - a Musto Bag.

Top score on day 2 on the Sporting was AAA shot Lee Jackson with 111ex120 with Sam Usher and Michael Booth close behind on 108 and Richard Bunning, Simon Fenner and Jack Lovick just one behind them on 107 each.

Lee Jackson also top scored on the Sportrap today with 95ex100 to tie with Rob Claybrook & Mark Winser but David Woolley still heads the table with his 98 from day one. Perhaps the most enthusiastic shooter of the day was James Maguire with his superb 91 on the Sportrap to lead the way in B Class. Great shooting everyone.

To view the live scores during the competition and

The event is made possible by the sponsors: Rizzini (distributed in the UK by ASI), GameboreMusto, SWATCOM, Fine Shooting Accessories, and Teague Precision Chokes, along with the support of Promatic

For the English Sporting, each day the top five shooters from each class (AAA, AA, A, B, and C) and the top three from each category (Ladies, Seniors, Veterans, Juniors, Colts, and Disabled Standing and Disabled Sitting) will be invited to shoot the 75-target Final on Sunday. The top six scores from the Final will be invited to the 25-target Super Final on Sunday afternoon.

BO ESP Scores

BO ESP Class & Category

BO STR Scores

BO STR Class & Category

The following table shows all who have qualified each day, and are therefore invited back to shoot on Sunday for the 75 Sporting Final. Each category will have 2 squads, and each class will make up roughly 3.5 squads.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 Times
Squad 1 Joe Hollick Lily May Horn John Faragher Thaleia Jennings Cameron Cobb   09:00
Squad 2             09:09
Squad 3 Thomas Boles Rhys Harrison Joel Ogden Kallum Burrell Anthony Clark Brody Woollard 09:18
Squad 4             09:27
Squad 5 Liz Salmon Rebecca Adlam Amy Easeman Tanya Faulds Jennie Cartwright Rebecca Brown 09:36
Squad 6             09:45
Squad 7 Anthony Dean Glenn Hunt Martin Doughty Nigel Hart Ian Stubbs Robert Palmer 09:54
Squad 8             10:03
Squad 9 Josh Bridges Billy Baughan Mark Stevenson Paul Foster Jason Allaway Graeme Rice 10:12
Squad 10             10:21
Squad 11 John Harrison Stuart Dawson Simon Bubb       10:30
Squad 12             10:39
Squad 13 Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost 10:48
Squad 14 Richard Noble Michael Rollason Neil Holloway AR Johnston Mark Byng Maximus Allen 10:57
Squad 15 Philip Harper Bradley Gowlett Becky King Colin Noble     11:06
Squad 16             11:15
Squad 17     Megan Gamble Tim Shayle Roger Ayton Stewart Chester 11:24
Squad 18 Tim Sayer Liam Clark Leslie Meynell Peter Armett Richard Kibble Joseph Lightowler 11:33
Squad 19             11:42
Squad 20         Stephen Amies Trevor Hawkins 11:51
Squad 21 Jordan Sayer Harry Dickens Murray Thompson Peter Brockley Janine White Ian Stephenson 12:00
Squad 22 James Johnston Richard Ramwell         12:09
Squad 23             12:18
Squad 24 John Newman Marc Watson Tom Young John Wells Jamie Brightman Kevin Jobling 12:27
Squad 25 Jack Whitehouse Simon Fenner Michael Booth Andrew White     12:36
Squad 26             12:45
Squad 27     Gary Meikle Rob Claybrook Chris Biddlecombe Timothy Simmons 12:54
Squad 28 Mark Winser Paul Poulter Jack Lovick Richard Bunning Samuel Usher Lee Jackson 13:03
Squad 29             13:12
Squad 30             13:21