Day 4 Roundup and Results of the CPSA BO ESP & STR


A beautiful start to Day 4 - the final qualifying day of the CPSA British Open Sporting, before Sunday’s invitational Final, and the final day of the British Open Sportrap 2020. Dry, sunny and with a light wind made for a perfect start to those shooting early, and the conditions continued for the rest of the day. Cups of tea were on the go, ground staff were undertaking the final checks, and CPSA Sports Personality of the Year 2020, Tony Axcell, was spotted in a blue Hawaiian shirt.

The final day of Teague Raffle saw the following wins: 1st Prize a set of Teague Chokes – A Coppen; 2nd Prize a pair of Dedito Wellies – G Moule, 3rd  Prize of a Clay Shooting Company Sunday Shoot – C Denham; and 4th prize of a CPSA membership for a year – SJ Scott. Well done to all who were the lucky winners in this blind raffle. We are grateful to all the companies who have donated the daily prizes for this Championship.

In the Sporting SF Brightwell and J Bladen put in a 102 ex120 to start the day off. By mid-morning, MN Webster had raised this to a 109 ex 120, with a notable shoot from PR Rowbottom on the same squad with 104 ex 120. Luke Taylor put in a 111 ex120 and Paul Thomas put in a 112 ex120. David Ferriman, Andrew Clifton and Mark Wniser all put in a 113 ex120 this afternoon and were the highest scores of the day. Although, Julian Freeman and Chris Childerhouse remain highest scorers of the Championship on 115 ex120. Notable scores of the day from:  B Woolard (103),  T Hedgecock (103), A Smith (104). J bowling (105) and Richard King (110).

Last year’s British Open Sporting High Gun Richard Faulds said it was a “Very good course, very fair”,

On the Sporting, she said “It was a good course. Very enjoyable and there was a good variety of targets”.

Rebecca Adlam said “The Sporting was well balanced. I didn’t feel like you walked up to any stand and didn’t know what to do with them. There were lots of different types of targets – really something for everyone. But it was nice that you did have to think about the targets, it was technically testing”.

Alfie Tibbles “A difficult but rewards course, set very well by Steve Lovatt”.

Today was the final day of the Sportrap. James Attwood, Richard Faulds and John Lee all put in a 98 ex100 earlier in the week and made the top scores of the championship. They all came back to take part in a shoot off for High Gun this evening. After an 8 minute round, which we were able stream live on Instagram, James finished on 24 ex25 and was named CPSA British Open Sportrap High Gun 2020. Well done to James for some great shooting. Richard was named Runner-Up on 21 ex25, and John finished on 20 ex25 as Third Overall.

For full results list of the BO STR 2020, please click here. Congratulations to all who have placed in the British Open Sportrap 2020.

Sam Nunn, who came Third in the Disabled Standing Category said “It was good fun. Challenging, but you know these are Steve’s [Lovatt] targets. Didn’t know what to expect as I kept looking at the scores throughout the week, and they were making me quite nervous. I didn’t think I’d make it past the 70 mark. It was a nice start, but got harder as you went around, but I am happy with how I shot”. Sam finished on a 76 ex100.

Third in B class was also a shoot off, which was between Anthony Hoskins and S Aston. Anthony just pipped Aston to the post by 2 extra targets.

Hannah Gibson, who won Ladies High Gun this year, making it two years in the row commented “I thought the Sportrap was tricky. The sim pairs were especially hard but was still fun to shoot”.

The event is made possible thanks to the generous support of sponsors Rizzini (distributed in the UK by ASI), Gamebore and Musto, who have provided a gun, cartridges and clothing vouchers respectively as prizes for winners. We are also grateful for Promatic's support around the ground.

Daily, the top five shooters from each class (AAA, AA, A, B, and C) and the top three from each category (Ladies, Seniors, Veterans, Juniors, Colts, and Disabled Standing and Disabled Sitting) will be invited to shoot the 75-target Final on Sunday. The top six scores from the Final will be invited to the 25-target Super Final on Sunday afternoon.

BO ESP Scores

BO ESP Class & Category

The following table shows all who have qualified each day, and are therefore invited back to shoot on Sunday for the 75 Sporting Final. Each category will have 2 squads, and each class will make up roughly 3.5 squads.

If you are unable to attend the Finals on Sunday, please call 01483 485414 to let us know.









Squad 1

William Page

Finley Bowles

Travis Durrant

Matthew Paley

Alf Bartle



Squad 2

Jack Twigg

Oliver Keates

Barney Eastman

Jasper Pearse

George Bailey



Squad 3

Matthew Bower

Darcy McBride

Eddie Morris

Archie Hughes

Alexander Johnston

Henry Bevan


Squad 4

George Cheer

Fred Whitehurst

Ronnie Green

Alfie Tibbles

Josh Bennion

Brody Woollard


Squad 5

Annalise Evans

Megan Gamble

Tanya Faulds

Emma Stacey

Amy Easeman

Sarah White


Squad 6

Rebecca Kibble

Beckie Mckenzie

Hannah Gibson

Rebecca Adlam

Natasha Vadaz

Georgia Moule


Squad 7

Stuart Clarke

Peter Simpon

Mike Harding

Patrick Dickman

Robin Heal

Timothy Howell


Squad 8

Glen Hunt

Arnie Palmer

Carl Bloxham

Martin Doughty

Phil Rowebottom

Steve Brightwell


Squad 9

Richard A Hughes

Adam Curtis

Karl Field

Chris Daniels

Paul Foster

Ben Hollamby


Squad 10

Tim Webster

John Lee

Paul Hutchinson

Jake Moore

Mark Webster

Robert  Wise


Squad 11

Paul Bailey

Tony Cox

Simon Bubb

Craig Marlow

Mark Delf



Squad 12

Adrian Last

Lee Clemence

Craig Marlow

Sam Nunn




Squad 13








Squad 14

Anthony Cross

Ian Morris

Ray Adams

Roger Grimshaw

William Newman

Brian Twigger


Squad 15

Micheal Rollason

Hayden Coham

Dayne Varnish

Martin Bull

Jamie Ashton

Nicola Elder


Squad 16

Liam Clarke

Neil Bestwick

Henry Robertson

Robert Pethick

Richard Gration

Robert Kingston


Squad 17

Simon Spingthorpe

Greg Holmes

Peter Hamlin

Rob Johnson

William Marsh

Susan Harwood


Squad 18

Timothy Neill

Kevin Allen

Richard Hill

Peter Armett

Franko Duffy



Squad 19

David Gale

Andrew Gott

Richard Stubbs

Richard Ufton

Richard Kibble

Craig Boddice


Squad 20

Ami Hedgecock

Martin Walmsley

Alistair Gurney

Daniel Lee

Glenn Halls

John Kaminski


Squad 21

Tony Lennard

Adam McKeown

Lindon Selfridge

James Johnston

Trevor Francis

Brent Woodard


Squad 22

Mark Jones

Janine White

Charlie Monahan

Dave Hughes

Jeremy Preece

John Hudson


Squad 23

David Taylor

Stuart Clarke

Tony Curtis

Dan King

 Craig Tolley

Alex Smith


Squad 24

Joss Read

David Marshall

Kevin Jobling

Mark Fisher

Richard Atkins

S Greenwood


Squad 25

John Garside

Adrian Johnson

Chip Smith

Paul Finney

Gareth Butler

James Hardy


Squad 26

Marc Watson

Kevin Sherratt

Andrew Calvert

Martin Butcher

Samue Ward

Harry Seal


Squad 27

Jake Bowling

Andrew Clifton

George Digweed

Huw Stephens

Sam Green

James Bradley-Day


Squad 28

Billy Baughan

Shaun Stacey

Mark Bowes

Chris Biddlecome

Richard Bunning

Chris Childerhouse


Squad 29

Will Fenner

Aaron Harvey

Stuart Cumming

Martin Myers

Julian Freeman



Squad 30

Richard King

Luke Taylor

Paul Thomas

Mark Winser

David Ferriman