British Open Day Four Report


Below is the amended table of finalists for Sunday from day four of the British Open English Sporting at West Midlands Shooting Ground.









Squad 1

Oliver Zaitschenko

Craig Hollick

Annalise Evans

Ami Hedgecock

Christopher Orchard



Squad 2

Alexander Palmgren

Tom Woodcock

J Morgan

Oliver Keates

Tristian Hockey

Ronnie Green


Squad 3

John Bidwell

Ian Hallwood

Mike Harding

C Milne

Carl Bloxham

Graham Stirzaker


Squad 4

A Rogers

David Grayson

Gordon Boertien

Robert Gray

Steve Brightwell



Squad 5

Thomas Young

Joshua Benion

James Bradley-Day

George Howling

Callum Hanley

Taylor Hedgecock


Squad 6

Billy Greenwood

Charlie Harker Nunns

Dan Mawby

Aaron Harvey

Cian McLoughlin

Josh Bridges


Squad 7

Amy Easeman

Susan Hallwood

Louise Smith

Emma Nelson

Helen McKenna

Hannah Gibson


Squad 8

Jane Bennett

Sian Hoskins

Lucy Pitt

Jane Maloney

Georgia Moule

Sarah White


Squad 9

Andy Moon

Ben Husthwaite

HS Cumming

Josh Keeble

Mark Marshall

Adam Cork


Squad 10

Phil Smith

Martin Papworth

Richard Faulds

Tim Webster

Ryan Sperling

Marc Ivey


Squad 11

Sam Nunn

Paul Sadler

Adrian Last

Paul Briggs

Jamie Gutteridge



Squad 12








Squad 13

Graham Cotton

Anthony Bates

George Cheer

Graham Clark

Michael Wolverson

Theo Coleman


Squad 14

Stephen Carter

John Hemmings

Christopher Holt

MF Searle

Archie Hughes

Elizabeth McLaughlin


Squad 15

Hywel John

Jamie Whitton

Richard Lawrie

Charlotte Riley

Terry Tatum

Rebecca Adlam


Squad 16

Neil Gaff

Jake Bowling

Thomas Whomes

R Birchall

David Zaitschenko

Paul Holmes


Squad 17

Paul Moore

Joshua Arbon

Guy Coleman

Stephen Williams

Martin King

Mark Hurrell


Squad 18

Wayne Wilson

Bobby Murray

J Haygreen

Neil Parsons

Nathan Eynon

Wayne Howarth


Squad 19

Kerry Oakley

Spencer Collingwood

Alfie Tibbles

Nadine Gilder

Rebecca McKenzie

Ryan Caesar


Squad 20

Stephen Whinnett

Les Sperling

Joseph Lightowler

Will Fenner

David Wolverson

Mark Smith


Squad 21

William Maher

Arnie Palmer

Steven Brotherton

Mark Thomas

Richard Arbon

Maurice Snelling


Squad 22

Henry Bevan

David Rollason

Adrian Salt

Mark Oakley

Michael Snape

Kevin Childs


Squad 23

James Hand

Ivan Spencer

Robert Gooch

Paul Gillett

Steve Whitelock

Jim Munday


Squad 24

Alexander Gair

John Stanton

Max Small

Steven Cox

Andrew Clifton

Stephen Williams


Squad 25

Thomas Brown

Steven Whitwell

James Pile

Henry Collins

Kim Wan

Phil Rowbottom


Squad 26

Shaun Stacey

David Gooding

Andy Beal

Jack Lovick

Paul Lovick

Dorian Evans


Squad 27

George Digweed

Robert Claybrok

John Wells

Cheryl Hall

Joakim Smith

Mark Winser


Squad 28

Toby Reed

David Hughes Jnr

Scott Barnett

Alex Cobb

Phil Gray



Squad 29

Nick Hendrick

Duane Morley

Martin Myers

Brett Winstanley

Steve Clark




Day Four Report

Saturday was the final day of qualification for the British Open English Sporting and the conclusion of the British Open Sportrap at West Midlands Shooting Ground.

With the weather once again holding out, conditions remained calm, with spells of warm sunshine and very little wind.

It took until the very last squad of the day for the second 115 of qualification to be recorded. Steve Clark matched George Digweed’s effort from Wednesday, to ease his way through to the finals day tomorrow. Brett Winstanley shooting in the same squad shot 113 to also confirm his place for tomorrow.

Sportrap Conculsion

Tim Webster took full advantage of shooting in one of the last squads in the Sportrap competition to claim the title.

Matt Hance had momentarily joined Richard Faulds as clubhouse leader after shooting an impressive 94 ex 100 on Saturday morning. However, Tim took to the course less than an hour later and shot 24, 23, 24, 24 across the four layouts to finish on 95 ex 100.

Few came closer to challenging Tim than Steve Brightwell did, but his effort of 93 fell short of the mark.

With Richard Faulds not in attendance for the shoot off to determine the runner up, Matt Hance finished second through default.

Following his victory Tim said, "It's the first time I've won this (the British Open Sportrap), I won it a couple of times as junior. I'm really happy to win it and hopefully I'll be able to repeat it in the future."

Martin Myers, Billy Baughan, Steve Brightwell and Andy Calvert had to shoot off to determine the winner and placings of AAA class. Martin emerged victorious shooting 23, to pip Billy by one target to take the class title. Steve then edged out Andy in a further shoot off to take third in class.

Speaking earlier in the day after his round of 93 on the Sportrap, Andy said, “I shot a 93 which was a good effort when your shooting against the likes of George (Digewed) on a 92 and Ed (Solomons). It was a cracking course again by Tom and the team, really good targets, it gets better here every year.”

Following her score of 86 yesterday, Hannah Gibson returned to face Becky McKenzie in a shoot off for the Ladies title.

The pair took on one Sportrap layout consisting of 25 targets and after establishing a two shot lead through the first 10 targets, Hannah held her nerve to go one better than her runner up finish last year.

Hannah was clearly delighted to take the title and the Sussex shot will be in action tomorrow at 9.54am in the finals day.

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