British Open English Sporting & Sportrap


Day four of the British Open English Sporting marked the final day of qualification for the finals day on Sunday 4 September. The highest registered score in qualification still stands at 117 ex 120.

Please see below top 5 shooters in class and top 3 shooter in category that have qualified from all four days. Please note that if there are any ties count back is used to decide who qualifies and you qualify in class over category.

Squad 1 T Mead (EE128785) S Houghton (EE130374) Amy Hedgecock (EE132337) Charlie Soanes (EE127102) Oliver Zaitchenko (EE126780) 09:09
Squad 2 HE Glas (EE134073) T Woodcock (EE127594) T Durrant (EE129495) C Monahan (EE130343) H Bevan (EE131046) Brody Woollard (EE123128) 09:18
Squad 3 Malcolm Husthwaite (EE40206) S Armstrong (EE73163) E Chapman (EE1743) John Stanton (EE38112) Graham Stirzaker (EE11016) Arnie Palmer (EE27697) 09:27
Squad 4 Steve Brightwell (EE19160) DG Pointer (EE30268) A Peacock (EE93571) R Gray (EE29663) D Whyte (EE31227) 09:36
Squad 5 Aaron Harvey (EE125785) B Ballantyne (EE126129) Tom McGregor (EE123850) C Harker-Nunn (EE132047) J Tromans (EE127824) James Bradley-Day (EE127052) 09:45
Squad 6 J Symes (EE123738) Joshua Brown (EE128224) Angus Bridges (EE129147) Ronie Green (EE123409) Charlie Dearman (EE125866) Henry Collins (EE120798) 09:54
Squad 7 Cheryl Hall (EE103805) Hannah Gibson (EE108958) Susan Hallwood (EE64560) Emma Stacey (EE125027) Nicky Gryspeerdt (EE114223) 10:03
Squad 8 Janine White (WW1638) Georgia Moule (EE20297) J Burton (EE119151) Linda Grayson (EE119965) Tanya Faulds (EE1436) Sarah White (EE103733) 10:12
Squad 9 P Moody (EE121557) A J Dean (EE12923) Mark Marshall (EE424710 Phil Gray (EE103289) Alex Cobb (EE65796) Paul Lovick (EE87112) 10:21
Squad 10 Chris Childerhouse (EE96439) Dorian Evans (WW1668) N Bedingfield (EE61857) Martin Myers (EE88811) Scott Barnett (EE87191) Paul Lovick (EE87112) 10:30
Squad 11 Adrian Last Paul Briggs Sam Nunn Jamie Gutteridge Peter Croft 10:39
Squad 12 Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost 10:48
Squad 13 Louise Smith (EE124024) KM Carvey (EE129908) Richard Townsend ( E Petrauskas (EE131504) D Ward (EE132233) J Spratt (EE127555) 10:57
Squad 14 T Whomes (EE133021) T Lawrence (EE128560 R Holmes (EE132398) Will Fenner (EE1281200 SH Crutchfield (EE132588) Eion Finegan-Devlin (II11097) 11:06
Squad 15 J Sayer (EE133259) A Foulkes (EE130110) D Adkin (EE133611) W Howarth (EE120693) I Mishchenkov (EE131535) Will Baker (EE107854) 11:15
Squad 16 Megan Jones (EE127751) Jane Maloney (EE83751) Callum Jones (EE126835) J Bennion (EE134349) AL Blackbourn (EE73216) A Gibbins (EE132435) 11:24
Squad 17 C Balham (EE73943) SJ Ogston (SS4522) G Bell (EE129967) EF Ashton (EE51183) N Franklin (EE89754) AR Hawkins (EE64712) 11:33
Squad 18 R Newstead (EE119747) S Nunn (EE127551) M Butcher (EE128040) RWA Sharman (EE18419) SJ Williams (EE130621) Carl Twigg (EE131793) 11:42
Squad 19 B Pritchett (EE131286) SA Jones (EE128684) T Long (EE107275) A J Jennings (EE118229) GW Keys (EE21659) Lawrence Greenleaf (EE110246) 11:51
Squad 20 J Hardy (EE131494) S Bulcock (EE109944) RC Butters (EE104974) Connor Gorsuch (EE121522) Dennis Webb (EE10) T Heath (EE131172) 12:00
Squad 21 Pauline Chapman (EE111792) Aidan Fogarty (II10780) WR Reeve (EE116525) SB Clarke (EE100572) D Thomas (EE110720) George Townsend (EE122718) 12:09
Squad 22 M Fisher (EE127612) AJB Jones (EE50331) SW Peacock (EE103039) Jess Wright (EE124728) SM Earl (EE71507) JL Bladen (EE73741) 12:18
Squad 23 MJ Parsons (EE115252) Mark Bowes (EE109720) Ian Hallwood (EE64559) G Peck (EE 120008) P Jarvis (EE83557) SA Cox (EE35370) 12:27
Squad 24 Glen Hunt (EE56372) Taylor Hedgecock (EE116977) J Munday (EE12393) IJ Spencer (EE35315) P Burrows (EE125607) Matt Peddle (EE125843) 12:36
Squad 25 M J Neate (EE21303) G Boertien (EE110461) B Hollamby (EE108390) Chris Baker (EE89641) N Carter (EE120341) Roger Deacon (EE88852) 12:45
Squad 26 Adrian Balham (EE69348) TW Miller (EE116766) P Goldsmith (EE131721) Henry Arnold (EE72679) Steve Clark (EE105239) Kevin Jobling (EE10320) 12:54
Squad 27 George Digweed (EE12652) Mark Winser (EE99970) P Marks (EE50222) Carl Bloxham (EE9435) Adam Cork (EE91704) Andy Jude (EE99947) 13:03
Squad 28 Paul Simpson (EE67907) Nick Portlock (EE100978) MS Pugh (EE94738) Chris Daniels (EE96738) Billy Baughan (EE128828) PA Smith (EE26380) 13:12
Squad 29 James Attwood (EE107759) C Revell (EE83083) Josh Bridges (EE122460) Paul Thomas (EE113492) Richard King (EE24962) Richard Faulds (EE187) 13:21

Glorious weather greeted High Lodge Shooting Ground in Suffolk for the first day of shooting at the British Open English Sporting & Sportrap. After an enjoyable and competitive day amongst all who were involved, we would like to congratulate the following shooters on qualifying for the Finals Day on Sunday.

To view the results from Sporting on day 4 please click here and Sportrap please click here.

Bookings for the British Open English Sporting and Sportrap at High Lodge Shooting Ground are now being taken by telephone only.

Please contact High Lodge Shooting Ground, or Clare Alger (Championship Co-ordinator) to book onto this.

Bookings are only being taken after 4pm today.

Contact details:

High Lodge Shooting Ground - 01986 784 347

Clare Alger - 07765 247 954

Please note: We are no longer offering refunds for cancellations at the British Open.