DTL Selection Criteria

** Due to Covid and the restrictions imposed over the last couple of months, the selection process for this year has had to change slightly.  There will still be 3 selection shoots and the EO and Dougall Memorial is included in this, however the last selection shoot at Brook Bank on 26th & 27th June is  now compulsory.  In order for the selections to go ahead, the Home International has been moved to September and is still in Ireland.  All other aspects of selection remain as below. **


The last couple of years have seen many changes for DTL shooters in respect of the selection process.  Feedback has been received and following a meeting of the DTL Sub Committee in August and approval from the CPSA Board of Directors, the following selection process was agreed and will be implemented with the aim not to review for the next 5 years unless required.

Members will be invited to submit their best 5 ex 100 scores from 3 different grounds, from the period 1st July 2019 - 26th April 2021. Please note that this extended date range is only applicable for the 2021 selection. From next year the qualifying window will revert back to 1st July - 28th February of the following year.  Scores can be submitted using this link.  Click Here

Once the scores have been submitted, the CPSA will collate and put them in numerical order (highest to lowest).  From this list the top 60 Seniors, 15 Juniors, 15 Ladies, 15 Veterans and 15 Super Veterans will be invited to attend the selection shoots. 

For 4 out of 5 years there will be 2 selection shoots with the EO and Dougall Memorial (DM) being the compulsory 3rd shoot.  On the fifth year when the Home International is held in Ireland, there will be 3 ordinary selection shoots.  The reason for this is that the EO and DM are held too late in the year and would not allow sufficient time to obtain permits needed to travel to Ireland. 

The selection shoots will be run over 200 targets, however, the scores for each day can and will be included as it will be 4 from 6 ex 100 scores to count.  

After the 3rd selection shoot, the CPSA will calculate each person's best 4 scores and select the team.  If at the end of the 3rd selection shoot there is a tie for a place, there will be a shoot off to determine that place.  The team will be selected on scores and members will be placed in the category that we feel will benefit and produce the strongest team. 

This process has been discussed and considered with the DTL Community. It not only meets the requirements for selection but is also considered fair to all shooters.