Clubman Membership Concessions

Perfect for leisure shooters


Aimed at individual shooters and club members who currently do not belong to the CPSA.

This scheme ensures that Clubman members have public liability and personal accident insurance along with our Pull! magazine (Pull! magazine is not available to Overseas Clubman members). It is possible to upgrade to another membership category at any time with members only being charged the pro-rata increase.

This membership allows the individual to shoot and try out CPSA registered events on a targets only basis at one nominated CPSA (Registered, Premier or Premier Plus) club/ground. It should be noted, however, that scores from these events are not submitted to CPSA Head Office and therefore not used towards any form of classification.

All Clubman memberships beginning with a 5 and are 6 numbers long. This is so we can differentiate between Clubman and Competition members.

Excludes legal expenses insurance for licence revocation and renewal issues.

Suitable for all ages

Buy Now 1 YEAR £51

Buy Now 2 YEARS £98

Armed Forces (Clubman)

The discount is open to members of the Armed Forces who are registered with the Defence Discount Service. When registering you must select Armed Services in the How did you hear about us? box and then add the discount code in the Please provide details box which is available via click here

If you are not registered with the Defence Discount Service then proof of Military Service is required.

This membership features all the benefits as listed in the standard Clubman membership.

Suitable for all ages

Buy Now 1 YEAR £46

Buy Now 2 YEARS £88

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