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Benefit Scheme

Trade Membership
The businesses supporting our sport...

Trade Membership costs just £125.00 per annum and provides many benefits...

Download membership application form here

Details of the scheme:


Two named CPSA Competition (full) memberships, each including:

Access to shoot in all CPSA Open Championships

Individual £10 Million third party insurance and £30,000 personal injury insurance.

Opportunity to register scores and obtain a personal classification

Pull! Magazine (issued 10 times a year)

CPSA badges

CPSA Competition Membership Card


How this benefit can be used:

Memberships can be used either within your own organisation or given to others as a benefit (e.g., to a family member, customer etc.)

CPSA memberships can be given at any time during the year and will run for a full 12 months from notification to the CPSA

Notification of the member aligned to your Trade Membership must be given by you on the form provided with your renewal notice

Membership cards, Pull! magazine and all correspondence will be sent directly to the nominated member (e.g., home address)

After the end of the 12 months’ FREE subscription, the CPSA will contact them directly to ask if they will consider renewing

If you intend to nominate the same persons again after the first 12 months, please advise us in good time (at least four weeks), in order for us to confirm their names against your Trade Membership

Whilst memberships can be provided by you at any time during your own Trade Memberships, only two CPSA memberships can run concurrently at any one time. (e.g., if you allocate a CPSA membership in July 2008, you may NOT nominate another FREE membership until August 2009).


Access to  24 hour insurance helpline and CPSA HQ help on issues of H & S, noise, Gun Law etc.


A 10% (ten percent) discount on all advertising with Pull! Magazine

How this benefit can be used:

All discounts are offered from the published media pack rates

All discounts apply to both Display and Classified advertising

If you currently advertise within Pull! magazine and individual rates are enjoyed, you will be offered a price which provides you with the most favourable rate (you will NOT be offered a 10% discount on top of an already discounted agreement)

A list of Trade Members will be provided to Archant Dialogue (the publisher), but you should advise when contacting them that you are a trade member and quote your membership number

Archant Dialogue contact information:

Eleanor Watson- Advertising Sales Executive
Kay Brown - Managing Advertising Production Controller
Archant Dialogue
Prospect House
Rouen Road


Tel: 01603 772522

Fax: 01603 627823



Assistance with your Mailshot by post or e-mail

How this benefit can be used:

Due to Data Protection regulations we are unable to provide you with a copy of our membership database.

We will provide one FREE label generation to all CPSA members, grounds and trade members if required

Items to be mailed should be provided, already sealed, in envelopes

CPSA staff will stick labels to your mailshot

Postage will be quoted to you in advance (by providing us with a copy of your mailshot) and will be charged at cost

Postage must be paid for in advance of the mailshot (cheque, credit card etc)

Your mailshot will be mailed from the CPSA HQ offices

If you require help with your mailshot, CPSA staff will be happy to do so, by providing envelopes and completing the mailshot.

The cost of this will be quoted to you in advance (by providing us with a copy of the insert) and will be charged at cost

The cost of the mailshot must be paid for in advance (cheque, credit card etc)

Alternatively, an e-mail shot can be provided and will be sent from the CPSA HQ offices

The finished e-mail artwork must be provided in HTML format, or flat JPEG, the CPSA will not be responsible for creating an e-mail on your behalf

The e-mail should contact very clear instructions for contacting your organisation. The CPSA will not be responsible for “forwarding” e-mails to you after dispatch.

The e-mail will be sent to every member whose email address is held on the CPSA database (will not be the actual ‘head count’ of members)

The CPSA cannot be responsible for any “bouncebacks” due to incorrect e-mail addresses or full capacity e-mail accounts

Should subsequent e-mail shots be required, these will be provided at a cost of 10p (ten pence) per e-mail address

Numbers will be provided to you prior to the e-mail being sent

The cost of the mailshot must be paid for in advance (cheque, credit card etc)


Commission Payments of £10.00 for every NEW Full Member and £3.50 for every Clubman Member introduced to the CPSA via an application form bearing your stamp

How this benefit can be used:

Application forms and leaflets are available from the CPSA HQ

When selling a membership you should complete the form and return it to the CPSA

This can be done on an individual basis, monthly, or in batches (e.g., of 10)

A cheque to the value of commissions will be forwarded to you after processing

This benefit can be offered directly to your staff (e.g., in a gun shop) to encourage them to earn commissions. Forms can be endorsed by you, but cheques made payable to a staff member(s), or the company (whichever is preferred), in order for you to distribute upon receipt.


Free attendance as a Trade Member Open Championships in order to promote and sell your services

How this benefit can be used:

By negotiation with the CPSA HQ, any Trade Member can attend an Open Championship to promote their business

Special events (e.g., The bi-annual World Sporting Event) are by negotiation for size/position of pitch, between the CPSA and Ground owner

Other Championships are also by negotiation with the CPSA regarding size/position of pitch, who will make reference to the ground owner at all times

When the CPSA provide special tented units (e.g., The bi-annual World Sporting Event), Trade Members will be given the opportunity to purchase these sites on a first come first served basis.

Tented events will NOT be free to Trade Members

Trade Members NOT purchasing a tented stand are NOT guaranteed to be able to pitch up alongside those who have paid for their space at the event


Free copy of Pull! magazine (readership in excess of 24,000)


A FREE weblink included in the Trade Listings on our website (


Use of the logo on stationery, marketing and promotional materials

How this benefit can be used:

By logo, it is meant the official CPSA logo as published on all stationery and websites

Access to “special event” logos may not be available (i.e., short term events etc.)

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