Registered Formats Guidance

Guidance on our return to registered shooting

Addendum – version 1.2 - 03/06/2020

  1. DTL, Sportrap and Compak to be run with squads of 5 shooters and not 6 as normally allowed in Compak.
  2. ABT, OT and UT to be run dependent upon the size of the layouts:

    Option 1 – Small or tightly enclosed layouts: It is very important that with these layouts shooters are to remain on their station, as per DTL, rather than moving towards the next station after each shot to maintain the social distancing required. Shooters to only move on the instruction of ‘Line Change’ or ‘Line Move’ from the Referee after the person on the 5th station has shot their target and not before. One target will be shot by each shooter per rotation.

    Option 2 – Larger layouts with plenty of room behind the shooters: The layout will have a line or tape, marked at 2 metres behind the shooting stations. The 5 shooters move stations as normal but move diagonally back to the 2 metre line or tape whilst waiting to go onto the next station. When the shooter on station 5 moves to station one, they have to move safely behind the 2 metre line or tape. For the time being self-refereeing in these disciplines where half of the previous squad stay back to referee the next squad is not permissible. Ground Referees should be used and only one on each layout. In both options the position of the Referee must be decided by the Ground to give maximum safety to all. If the back of the layout has limited space then it is preferable to install a clear Perspex screen to protect the Referee station. Squads need to be able to shoot straight through with minimal intervals between each round of 25 targets.
  3. ESK and OSK – When viewing the targets at the start of the round, only the first shooter in the squad can see the targets, as per ESP, with the remaining shooters in the squad maintaining their social distancing.
  4. For those Grounds with multiple fixed layouts such as DTL, ESK and Sportrap, it is acceptable to have a squad on each layout at each allotted squad time.