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Academy Courses

Academy Courses

Academy Courses 
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The courses we run include:

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A one-day course aimed at anyone wishing to take part in clay shooting or game shooting, to acquire a gun, or novices who have recently acquired a shotgun. It covers personal and range safety, shotgun types and use, cartridges and chokes. There is also a practical session on the CPSA method of shooting. The course includes loan guns (if required), ear protection, eye protection, all clays and cartridges. The course is open to members and non-members of the CPSA.


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This course is one day. It takes place on a registered layout and involves both theory and practical elements. If successful the candidate will have the necessary knowledge to referee at CPSA registered events. They will also be awarded a certificate and both a cloth and metal badge. Booklet 1: General & Technical Rules & Regulations for DTL, ESK, ESP & ABT are available for download here. There is also the option to run a double course on one day i.e. DTL & ABT however due to the limited time this option is only open to candidates already qualified as Referees (in any discipline) previously. 


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The ‘Safety Officers Course’ is a one-day course. It involves lecture and practical sessions, which covers all aspects of ground safety including gun safety and the law. The assessment is a multiple-choice paper and when qualifi ed you can act as a ‘Range Safety Officer’ at a shooting ground or clay target shoot. You will also be awarded a certificate and both a cloth and metal badge.

Please note that as of January 2010 the board of Directors have decided to remove any future requirement to re-qualify as a Club Safety Officer. The need to communicate changes in Health and Safety, Shot Gun legislation, Planning, Law, etc. will be dealt with by posting a notice onto our website and in “Pull!” magazine. There will be a requirement, however, for all our Safety Officers and Affiliated Grounds to appraise themselves of these changes as promulgated from time to time in order to keep themselves fully aware of current practices

CPSA Academy Safety Officer qualifications are a nationally recognised standard of training and one that many employers require for both Health & Safety and insurance reasons.

Instructor Development Workshop... from £150...
These one-day courses will give prospective instructors an insight to the ‘Instructor Training Course’. At the end of the course the tutor will provide a quick appraisal to candidates on what they need to work on before attending the four-day course.

Instructor Training Course (All modules/assessment in 4 days) from £695...
A successful candidate will gather the knowledge and skills necessary to safely introduce a novice client to simple targets. The three modules include both classroom and range based learning where you will cover topics such as gun fit, diagnosing faults, range/gun safety and how to conduct shooting lessons in a competent manner. Assessments will be done on the 4th day.

NB: prior to attending Instructor (Level 1), candidates must have attended a Club Safety officer’s course within the last five years and at least one Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) within two years. They are also expected to be CPSA classified B Class shot and/or have at least two years shooting experience.

CPSA Academy Instructor qualifications are a nationally recognised standard of training and one that many employers require for both Health & Safety and insurance reasons.



Coaching Training Course - Common Element... from £350... (2 days)
This course will develop the candidates general coaching knowledge and skills beyond those of an Instructor in order for them to gain further suitable experience prior to attending the Discipline Specific coaching course. During the Common Element course the participant will be introduced and progressed to the general skills that all Coaches must possess. Coaching Technique, Shooting Methods, Sports Psycology, Gun Fitting, Cartridges, Chokes and Pattern Testing..

Coaching Development Workshop... from £150...
These one-day courses are discipline specific and will assess if the candidate is ready to attend the ‘Coach Training Course’. It will address gaps in the candidates knowledge and skill set.

Coaching Training Course - Discipline Specific... from £550... (3 days)
Candidates will be introduced to the knowledge and skills specific to their chosen discipline Sporting, Skeet or Trap.

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CPSA qualified Instructors and Coaches are insured through membership of the CPSA.

Qualifications through other organisations are not covered by CPSA membership insurance.

Please note that all one-day courses must be booked and paid for two weeks in advance. Multi-day courses can be held with a £100 deposit, and balance to be settled in full one month prior to a course.


The CPSA Academy looks forward to welcoming you on our courses.


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