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National AGM 31 March 2012


Shortly after the AGM commenced, whilst addressing the minutes of the 2011 AGM, the Board members were pressed by Clive Hames, Janet Stennett (Chairman of the East Midlands Regional Committee) and others over the manner in which they perceived Colin Butler, East Midlands Regional Director, had been treated in the morning Board meeting. Colin Butler did not attend the AGM, leaving a few minutes before it started in a somewhat emotional state. The assumption by Mrs Stennett and others was that he had been pressurised, harassed or intimidated by the other Directors when he declared his intention to stand as Chairman at the AGM in the afternoon. Despite assurances to the contrary from various Board members, including myself, they were not to be swayed from their point of view. In the week that followed a formal complaint was received from the East Midlands Regional Committee stating “It was clear from the level of distress at the end of the meeting that he had been subjected to an amount of pressure which amounted to harassment and intimidation”. Nick Fellows, CEO, asked Laura Saunsbury for her recollections of what had taken place in the Board meeting. Laura, our Honorary Solicitor and Shotgun Licensing Advisor, and her husband Nick Doherty, a barrister who also gives CPSA members advice, were present throughout the Board meeting. There follows Laura Saunsbury’s response to Nick Fellows’ request.

To read Laura's description of the meeting, click here.

Laura Saunsbury provided this independent summary of events without reference to the Board meeting minutes which were only compiled and circulated subsequently.

I trust the foregoing will dispel any doubts as to the manner in which Colin Butler was treated by the other Directors at the morning Board meeting.

Terry Bobbett, Chairman

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