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Hearing & Eye Protection

In the CPSA Safety Course, the CPSA recommends three types of protection, Eyes, Ears and Head.

Hearing Protection

Hearing protection, either muffs or plugs, are advisable at all times when shooting or in the company of others who are shooting. Indeed it is compulsory to wear some form of hearing protection at CPSA registered competitions. Damaged hearing cannot be restored - prevention is the answer.

The European standards for hearing protection are:
EN352-1:  This covers protection afforded by earmuffs.
EN352-2:  This covers protection afforded by earplugs.
EN353-3:  This covers protection afforded by muffs attached to a helmet.

Eye Protection

Shooting glasses, as from January 1st 2004, are mandatory whilst shooting or in the company of shooters at all registered shoots. Glasses will not only protect your eyes from stray pieces of broken clay but also from falling lead and any gun malfunctions. Glasses can be additionally beneficial in difficult light conditions, with appropriately tinted lenses.

CPSA Eye Protection Policy: The wearing of adequate and effective visible eye protection by shooters, trappers, officials and spectators at or around any shooting position at all Registered events is mandatory from 1st January 2004. It is recommended that this protection be to a minimum standard of BSEN 166 F details of which are available by clicking here.

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