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Full or Clubman Membership

What is the Difference?

“What is the difference between “Full”* and “Clubman” Membership?” is a question we are frequently asked. 

As a Full Member you can choose between a “Competition” entry or “Targets Only” entry at a CPSA registered shoot.  But don’t forget that when you enter “Targets Only” that you are removing your entry from the available and calculated prize fund. No matter what score you achieve, you will not be able to claim any monies.  However, a Ground may decide to have “Sponsored” prizes for “Targets Only” shooters at their discretion. 

A Clubman member may shoot at a registered event but only if it is their nominated ground (a Registered, Premier or Premier Plus CPSA ground) and purely on a “Targets Only” basis.  Scores shot by a Clubman member are not submitted to CPSA Head Office for any form of classification purpose. The name of the nominated shooting ground must be made to Head Office at the time of joining or renewal so that an appropriate Membership card can be issued.  Each further change of nominated ground shall incur an administrative fee for the change. 

CPSA Full Membership benefits also includes legal expenses insurance for shotgun certificate revocation and renewal issues (excluding colts) with effect from 1st April 2014.

( * Please note, when mentioning Full, the above applies equally to Veterans, Family, Juniors and Colts as well. )


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