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English Open Sporting

English Open Sporting Sponsored by Zoli
100 English Sporting Targets

The English Open Sporting @ Doveridge Clay Sports Centre
Friday the 10th of May, Saturday the 11th of May and Sunday the 12th of May
The event is 100 targets and can be shot either the Friday, Saturday or Sunday. A maximum of 900 shooter will be able to take part giving a maximum estimated cash prize fund of £9000 (£10 per actual competition entrant).
We are happy to announce that the course for the English Open Sporting at Doveridge will a little different this year. Instead of the stands being set in the valley Doveridge has decided to mix it up and take the course down past the skeet layouts (see plan below). So why not come and give it a go?



The CPSA are delighted to announce the continued support of Edgar Brothers under their Zoli brand for the English Open Sporting. Zoli will be headlining the event English and British Sporting events for the foreseeable future, providing a welcome boost to these championships and presenting excellent prizes, including the highly acclaimed Zoli 'Z' Gun, which we are sure will be hard fought for by all competitors.

Our grateful thanks goes to Derek Edgar, Lisa Riley and Becky Bream as Brand Ambassador and the Edgar Brothers team for their generous and continued support for our championships. This is a great partnership which works to mutual benefit and we look forward to bulding successful events together in 2013 and beyond.


Again our grateful thanks and appreciation go to Promatic, who have over the years tirelessly supported CPSA major championships with traps and technical expertise. Without their dedicated support it is true to say there would be no event and Promatic’s efforts do not go unnoticed by any of us!

Promatic will be fully supporting both the English Open Sporting at Doveridge SG and The British Open Sporting at Hepworth Hall later this year. Thank you once again Brian, Janet and team for your great contribution to the continued success of our Championships!


We are very pleased to introduce a new cartridge sponsor for the English Open Sporting Championship this year. Victory Cartridges will be presenting their Challenger cartridges to winners in both Class and Category at Doveridge SG and our grateful thanks go to Richard and Linda Blacker for his generous contribution. We are sure these prizes will be well received.

The prize fund is 11,250 cartridges divided as follows:

High Gun - 1000                                               1st in Class/Cat - 500

Runner Up - 750                                               2nd in Class/Cat - 250

Third - 500                                                       3rd in Class/Cat - 250

With the introduction of the disabled categories at this years English Open we are happy to announce the sponsorship of Easy Hit. The Easy Hit bead is an inexpensive, simple, effective and natural solution to cross eye dominance in nearly all cases. If it was not a genuine article I would not have set up the company to promote and sell it. You can fit it in seconds.

It is robust and requires no gun alterations, or the additional need for mechanical remedies such as patches, hair gel on glasses or closing one eye - its a natural remedy. To date it has provided a remedy for many thousands of shooters world wide.

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