Tom Robinson

Discipline: Down The Line 
Local Club / Ground: Penrith and District Gun Club

What age were you and where did you start shooting?

I started shooting clays when I was 15 at Duddon Valley Gun Club, which was on our farm. 

What type of gun and ammunition do you use?

Miroku MK38 Trap and Cheddite Mach 3 cartridges.

What has been the highlight of your shooting career so far?

Qualifying for the England team in 2013.

Do you have any sponsors? Who are they? 

I am Sponsored by Malmo Guns and Cheddite cartridges.

Who would be your dream sponsor and why?

I have the dream sponsor for my cartridges, the Mach 3's I shoot are brilliant. As for a gun, I'd be happy to represent any gun brand as long as the gun was right.. 

What are your shooting aims and goals for 2018/19?

To shoot well at the World Championships in Australia and to then qualify for the England team again.