Nigel Lovatt

Discipline: Down The Line 
Local Club / Ground: Beverley CTC, Nottingham, North or England CTC. Bywell, Mid Wales SC Fauxdegla SG.

What age were you and where did you start shooting?

Early 70’s started shooting game on family farm in Lincolnshire, progressed onto registered DTL & Sporting. concentrated on DTL from 1971 and has been my discipline of choice ever since.

What type of gun and ammunition do you use?

Krieghoff K80 32˝-⅝ & ¾ Chokes - Ergosign™ Adjustable Stock by Nill Griffe. 
Cartridges: Eley Superb 28g - 7½, Eley VIP 24g -7½ 

What has been the highlight of your shooting career so far?

High Gun British Open Champion 2004 (550 entrants shot the only 100/300)
England Team 2015
England Team 2015 (Veteran) European DTL France Team Gold/Individual Silver Medal
British DTL (Ireland) 2015 Veteran HG over two Day.
Many County (Lincolnshire) & East Midlands Regional Trophy’s.

Do you have any sponsors? Who are they? 

Eley Hawk have sponsored me for cartridges for several years
Alan Rhone/Krieghoff not actually sponsored but have given me fantastic support since 2004
Major Owen: Toro Dealership -Wales MD Andy Jones have provided sponsorship since 2010

Who would be your dream sponsor and why?

Have one: Mrs Lovatt (Wife) – since 1972 she provides all the day passes & funding.

What are your shooting aims and goals for 2018/19?

Regain consistency, be competitive in shooting at a high level.
Achieve England Cap/Team Place.
Shoot well representing England (Super Veteran) Team member 2018 DTL World Championship Australia/Wagga Wagga.

And finally... Tell us three things we don’t already know about you:
1.    Married to Gillian (46 Years) Two children Laura & Simon, son in law Steven
2.    Will retire from work in 2018 after 20 years with present company.
3.    Will acquire a New Krieghoff (retirement gift)