Katherine Bright

Discipline: Down The Line 
Local Club / Ground: Isle of Wight Gun Club 

What age were you and where did you start shooting?

I had been brought up with shooting as my Dad was a passionate shot and I used to go out with him when I was young. When I was 14 I talked him into letting me have a shot at some flighting pigeons and I hit the next 2!

What type of gun and ammunition do you use?

Cheddite Smart Strike 24g 7.5’s. Perazzi High Tech Elle 30 ¾ inch barrels choked ¾ and full. I have only had the Perazzi since April 2017.

What has been the highlight of your shooting career so far?

It’s difficult to choose just one! England team is a milestone but in 2017 I also made the GB team for UT. Winning the British Open DTL in Ireland 2013 when I represented England for the first time and of course the 2016 Classic DTL Supershoot off when I won my Perazzi High Tech!

Do you have any sponsors? Who are they? 

Hazel Bank Shooting Ground have been supplying me with Cheddite cartridges for the past 2 years and I’m thrilled that this has lead to sponsorship from Cheddite themselves for 2018.
Edward Lyons Sports Vision help to look after my eyesight with sponsored Pilla prescription  shooting glasses.

Who would be your dream sponsor and why?

When I won my Perazzi High Tech it came with a 3 year package and I would very much like this to continue; as being part of the Perazzi Family is a very special thing indeed!
Travel is my greatest expense so finding a business that would benefit from me promoting them across the UK and help me with travel expenses is my next step.

What are your shooting aims and goals for 2018/19?

Medals at the DTL World Championship in March with the England Team is first on the list with more GB caps at UT and gaining more international experience following close behind. I will be moving away from DTL and concentrating on UT and ABT going forward so my first England Cap for ABT is also one of my goals for 18/19. 

And finally... Tell us three things we don’t already know about you:
1.    I gave up shooting for over 20 years only starting again in 2012
2.    I used to be the manager a Zoo and I have been a Falconer since I was a teenager
3.    I hold a HGV and Motorbike Licence and used to have a Honda Fireblade until I started shooting again!