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Shotgun cartridges are readily available in gun shops and at shooting grounds, and within limitations as to the shot size and the weight of the shot load are suitable for clayshooting at CPSA affiliated grounds and for use in events coming under CPSA rules. Home loaded cartridges can be dangerous and are therefore not acceptable at clay pigeon shooting events.

Care should be taken that cartridges to be used are compatible with the shotgun that is going to fire them. The instructions and specifications are printed on the boxes and should be meticulously checked and adhered to. For clay competition, shot size must not exceed 2.6mm, English No 6. The shot load must be a maximum 28gram {1 oz) for all domestic disciplines, or 24gram for Olympic Trap, Olympic Skeet and Double Trap, and up to 28gram [from 2005] for FITASC Sporting and 36g for Helice.

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