Terry Bobbett

South West Region Director & Chairman

Terry Bobbett

Originating from Somerset I currently live in North Wiltshire with my wife Sue and Cassie our Border Collie. Now retired, I was previously employed as an Operations Manager for an American company spending my working day advising franchisees on various aspects of running and growing their business profitably. I enjoy other sports as a spectator but my first love is all things connected with shooting.

Initially a target rifle shooter I decided to take up clay shooting in the mid nineteen seventies. I concentrated originally on English and NSSA Skeet. I moved back to the West Country in 1980 and decided to concentrate on trap shooting, firstly ABT and then OT and UT. Latterly I have also started to shoot some English Sporting. I have been a member of the CPSA continuously since 1976 and became a Life Member in 2007.

I served on the Avon County and SW Regional Committees in the nineteen eighties and joined the Wiltshire County Committee in 2004, immediately being co-opted on to the SW Regional Committee. In 2005 I was elected Chairman of the SW Regional Committee, a role I retained for five years until deciding to stand down in February 2010 to concentrate on national CPSA matters. I was co-opted on to the Board in April 2007 and first elected Chairman in March 2008.

I believe the experience and knowledge gained at all levels of our Association and being a regular participant in registered competitions and thus speaking with many members, coupled with my business background, greatly assists me when it comes to addressing the challenges and issues within our sport.

I have always believed, wherever possible, in running the committees I have chaired, and the Board, in as open and transparent a manner as possible and I am thus willing to discuss with members the thinking behind any appropriate Board decisions made. I hold no pre-conceived views on any matter connected with clay shooting and endeavour to approach each issue with an open mind and decide my position based purely on the facts and what I believe to be in the best interests of my fellow CPSA members and the sport as a whole.

Email available on request.